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About Us

We have a food trailer that we take to special events and would appreciate the chance to assist you at yours.

We are very flexible and can adapt our range to suit your requirements.

Our range is large and varied.

We can adapt our sales to suit the situation of your event by excluding the sales of parts of the range of products we offer.

For example, if you have a local trader selling a particular product then we are able to exclude that product from our range.

Another option is if you are running an event that may not warrant the inclusion of a range of different food vendors because it may be small in nature, then we are happy to provide the full range and cover main meals with the savoury crepes and hot dogs along with the sweet side of things with our ice creams, sundaes, Poffertjes and sweet crepes.

There is no need to worry about conflict of interest with Mr Whippy vans and our ice creams as we very often work side by side, with our ice creams meeting a more mature customer’s requirements.

Our signage is almost completely interchangeable to enable differing menus.

Please look at the below information and consider us for your next event.



Our unit is fully equipped to serve our entire range of products.

However our signage is removable and can be changed to suit your requirements. The unit is suitable for heavy demand in any situation and is capable of operating independent of services-it has its own silent generator,
water and sullage tank.

We have a Gas compliancy plate.


We hold Public Liability Insurance of $20 million and can supply a certificate of currency.

Food Regulation and Permits:

We have a current registration with Knox City Council and Streatrader.

Power Requirements

We can use 2 x 10 amps supply or 1 x 15 amps. We can operate our own silent generator if necessary.

Site Requirements

5.5 metres in length (serving side) and 4 metres deep.

We are

Available For

Have an event that’s not on this list?

No worries, we can still be of service!

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